How can I create a successful affiliate marketing funnel

How can I create a successful affiliate marketing funnel

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It is easy to define affiliate marketing concept.

You simply choose a product for affiliate promotion, put your affiliate link, and when someone clicks on it and purchase the product, you get your commission. Sounds easy, right?

Well! Not actually that much easy. It isn’t easy to convince customers to buy the product. Here, in this article, we will let you know the easy ways for affiliate marketing sales funnel creation and how it acts as a backbone for successful affiliate marketing.

So, what exactly affiliate marketing funnel means?

You can call it a designing strategy so that you can follow a process which a customer will follow for buying the product you are offering. An effective funnel creates journey path of how the buyer reaches the desired landing page and completes the goal. Most of the marketers come up with a landing page and try to push maximum traffic on that page. But, even after giving their best shot most of the time, they fail to meet the desired target. 

what exactly affiliate marketing funnel means

So, if you want to improve your affiliate marketing funnel, this blog will help you with some tips which you can implement for driving more traffic on the page.

Take a look at this before you are done for your sales funnel system.

Don’t jump directly to create a sales funnel for affiliate marketing, as there are points which you should pen down first.

Pick your niche

Pick your niche

How can you forget the initial step which is picking the right product before its promotion? You may love to promote your favourite product, but if it is not getting audience attention, then its promotion is simply a waste of time. Hence deciding your niche is an important step even before thinking about the sales funnel. Some niches are more lucrative then others, but you should keep a balance between which niche motivates you most and which one is a money-making machine for you.

Promote your product

Fetching the people who can go through your affiliate funnel system implies finding the platform where you can place your affiliate links.

affiliate funnel system

How to drive traffic on the sign-up page

Customized landing page: 

A landing page is the first thing which a customer will see, so it should be aesthetically ‘Wow’ for impressing them in the first attempt. A visitor may arrive on the landing page through social media, search engine or from your affiliate link. So, its important to maintain a single tone of communication and advertise; otherwise, he may navigate away.

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Social media shouts loud: 

Social media

Sending traffic towards your sign up page is a big task, and you can take help from social media platforms to do so. Take help from Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or Google PPC for grabbing the maximum audience. Come up with attractive punchlines, and images for impressing customers in the first go. 

Email List: 

Email list

It is a tried and tested tool which works well for driving traffic. Come up with an email list and inform your potential customers about the latest offerings of your product. Email marketing allows you to reach a lot of people with a personal touch. Such mass communication leads to brand awareness.

Stages of effective affiliate marketing sales funnel

Stages of effective affiliate marketing sales funnel
Source: mv3marketing

Now, you know which product you are going to promote, and you have also decided the platform for promoting them. Let’s learn the 3 stages of affiliate funnel.

These stages are standard, and the reason is, they work! Sales funnel involves many complex steps; however, the below 3 steps are imperative for earning money online.

Opt-in page: This is the page where you really convince your audience to sign-up. You direct all your traffic to this page. 

Be straightforward and tell the audience why you want them to sign-up with a compelling reason. Don’t forget to offer them anything. No one is going to give their email address if they are not getting something productive in return. Offer them e-book or short video related to affiliate programs. Direct the customer to Thank You page once he gives his email address.

Bridge Page: This page will add more value, as it will pre-frame the customers before moving towards your affiliate link. On this page, you can mention any video related to your product for making customers understand it deeply. Once you mention about your product and how it will be beneficial for the user, mention a compelling call to action.

Thank You page: On this page, you say Thank You to the customer who gives his email address for getting a short video or e-book, whatever you promised.

This page gives you an opportunity to build a rapport with the client. Create a bond of trust with the user as this will convince them to buy even your high-end products.

Affiliate offer: This page (or you may only have the link instead of page) is the one through which you earn. Once clicked on this page, the customer will be redirected to the product page, from where he can buy the product, and you can earn a commission.

You may find some customers who will quickly buy the product. Also, some people will take time to go from the first page (sign-up page) to the last page (affiliate offer page).

Creation of affiliate funnel

Affiliate funnel creation is an easy task. There are multiple ways of doing so, and depending on the product you are promoting, some funnels may have slightly different forms as compared to others.

This most imperative thing in all affiliate marketing sales is to do repo building with the customer. You need to convince them and build trust. You aim to entice them for signing up, give them something in return and move to the next step, which is clicking on the affiliate link and finally to the purchase of the product.

Convince customer

In a Nutshell

You have now understood the effectiveness of affiliate marketing funnel and how it plays a pivotal role in getting the desired conversion rate. So, promote your business in various ways, and ultimately drive the traffic on the landing page for starting the sales journey of customers. 

Hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading!

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