How to make plan digital marketing strategy for e-commerce sites 2020

digital marketing strategy for e-commerce sites 2020

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When it comes down to the promotion of your E-Commerce startup, there are several ways to go by. However, given that there is a crunch of resources, you need to be mindful of each step that you take. The objective of this piece of writing is to recommend a digital marketing strategy for ecommerce sites

digital marketing strategy for ecommerce sites.

Using Facebook as a promotional tool

facebook marketing for eCommerce sites

You have successfully launched your online enterprise, and now it is the time to let the world know about it. Home is indeed one of the best places to sell, and your friends are the best people to whom you can sell. Possibly they may not be your first sales or buyers, but they may be a platform of reference. You should intend to market your customer’s experience rather than selling the products. 

Increasing likes on you Facebook must not be the goal. Get your priorities right.

Increasing Facebook likes for ecommerce stores

Consider a situation when your organic reach is at an all-time low. There is no loss in hoping that most of your leads are generated from Facebook. However, there is no rationale to justify spending a considerable sum of amount on Facebook likes. There are several examples which show that fewer likes generated more hits on a website leading to more conversions, you need to concentrate on increasing more audience on your eCommerce store.

Deter from using the boost post feature on the Facebook page

facebook boost post for ecommerce stores

You may be greatly tempted in utilizing the boost post feature of Facebook as a part of the digital marketing strategy for ecommerce website. Although it stands true on its promise of helping you to reach more people, yet it is considered to be flawed. Rather, you must use the ad manager feature for extensive targeting. You need to be sure of choosing interests based on demographic information and the anticipated behaviour of the targeted audience. 

Use twitter as a head hunting tool rather than a tool for promotion

twitter for ecommerce stores

There is a tool called Advanced Search on Twitter which people often ignore. You can make optimum use of it when it comes to getting viable leads of customers who are searching for similar products that you sell. You can tweet to them in a personalized manner as done by several companies. You can also try your hand on it. 

Do not undermine the potential of Instagram

There is an old wisdom which quotes “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Once you are on Instagram, you can very well get your orders too. You can utilize it to upload the pictures of your customers, products, and related pictures and banners of anything and everything you seek. You can add all the hashtags in the world related to your product. You can also add your address and phone number if required. As people discover you, so will be the rise in sales volume. 

Instagram for ecommerce stores

Share your experience and write about your startup

This approach is indeed subtle, but it has got its own set of limitations when it comes down to optimizing your reach to the audience. You can share stories about your startups make blog posts for sharing your experience. You can make posts on LinkedIn while discussing your business as you go about strengthening your customer base. 

share your ecommerce store experience

Email Marketing

email marketing for ecommerce stores

It is undoubtedly one of the underrated tools which are overlooked in contemporary times. Email marketing is a subtle tool for digital marketing. It is more than just sending mass emails to lists that you have bought on the internet. You have to be careful about it. Proper engagement is the key when it comes to getting in touch with somebody. You have to make sure that the customers are coming back to you time and again. 


The things that you cannot do alone can be done together. You must always be proactive when it comes down to looking for opportunities to partner. It would be best if you see how you can benefit mutually by partnering with someone.     

Attending Events

Attending Events for ecommerce business

For a successful digital marketing strategy for ecommerce business, you need to think and work beyond the scope of attending marketing events. Instead, you must look for the ones that will help you in finding relevant people with identical interests. When you have made plenty of friends over the internet, you must turn to help out peoples over time. It is not just about networking with people or person but the one with whom you want to meet that matters. You need to meet with people offline and connect with them online for building a lifetime relationship. 

Stop Selling

There is the fact that you need to get into your system to boost sales. Make yourself incredibly interesting to your customers. Yes, it might be a little interesting to start with. With time, they may become more interested in promotion, products, and more. Be prepared as it could be immensely time-consuming. However, if you shift your priorities in becoming more interesting for your audience with a varied spectrum of product-service offerings, then you can spend that lesser time on selling your products over time. It all comes down to becoming more attractive among people that want to buy. 

Getting your marketing mix right

It would be best if you considered the factors that you can control for influencing consumers in purchasing products. First, you need to do the needful to create a delightful user experience. In the digital platform, the scope of in-person communication is less. The content strategy holds a place of significance if it is done in the right way. Engaging content is not something that is downgraded to keyword stuffing. Rather, it has a colloquial undertone that anticipates user queries and provides befitting answers. 

You have to make your business discoverable on the internet. Thus, arise the need of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. It would be best if you did the needful to make your website searchable on the internet. As every search engine has its own set of algorithms, the web page must fulfil its algorithmic requirements. 

search engine optimization and search engine marketing

It would help if you made a strong presence on the Social media platform. When it comes to reaching out to people who are having desires that your products and services can satisfy a well-boosted advertisement on the social media platform like Facebook can help you to reach millions in a sneak of a second.          

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