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Client Acquisition Strategy

✅ Leverage LinkedIn Automation
✅ Optimize Your social profiles like a sales page
✅ Be active and share your knowledge but not service
✅ Target Specific Area and a start Outreach
✅ Leverage Instagram DM
✅ How to Leverage a webinar for getting
✅ International client

Adzooma Advertising Tool

✅ Multiple Diverse tools available to suit Consumers with Varying Degrees of Online Marketing experience
✅ FREE PPC Performance Report to analyze the performance of your advertising campaigns
✅ FREE Paid Advertising Reporting Suite including cross and funnel channel reporting
✅ Adzooma's Opportunity Engine proposes improvements by always analyzes your ad accounts for statistically significant patterns.
✅ Every chance is actionable inside Adzooma, most with just one click. Saving you time and money
✅ Fantastic customer support and they genuinely listen to and execute client feedback.

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