The Ultimate guide to How can i promote a Clickbank affiliate link via Facebook ads

Click bank via facebook ads

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Want to promote Clickbank products via facebook ads? You’d be crazy if not using Facebook for this!

For many of us, Facebook is a platform where you can stay connected with your friends and can post your views or current events. But what they don’t know is Facebook is the best tool to make money. Facebook is a renowned platform where billions of target audience are present. You can get all kinds of target audience on Facebook like women, men, teenagers, employees, moms and so on. And you will get potential customers from all over the world. Hence a great opportunity for you to grab the audience right on this social media platform and earn a handsome amount by working online.

Promoting Clickbank affiliate link on Facebook is preferred by many affiliate marketers, and the reason is- it doesn’t require investment. You may have a question in the mind that ‘ how can I promote a Clickbank affiliate link via Facebook ads’. But, before we jump into techniques of affiliate marketing on Facebook, let’s understand some basic rules.

What rules should you abide with?

You can do affiliate marketing on Facebook, but there are some rules which you should follow without any excuse. Facebook is similar to Google: user-experience matters to this platform. Hence it is not recommended to make bold promises with the customers. Promises like ‘Buy this product; reduce 5 pounds next day’ will reject your ad and should not promote direct affiliate links on social media platforms and probably Facebook will ban it forever. So, make a note of this.

How to choose the right product?

Affiliate is a good means for earning money online and to start with, promote the pages which are already optimized, and this can build your sales funnel. Just like picking the appropriate keyword in SEO, choosing the right keyword for promotion is a key thing. No matter how proficient you are in marketing, if your traffic is not buying the product, you are not successful.

Now, once you have chosen your types of products, below are some methods which will guide you more about Facebook affiliate marketing Clickbank.

Method 1: How to run Clickbank ads on Facebook?

You may think of promoting Clickbank products on Facebook groups as this is a simple way of earning money without investment. There are an ample number of groups present on Facebook, and based on your niche, you can join a relevant group and start promoting your product in that. For finding groups type on the search bar different keywords related to your niche, and you will get various Facebook posts, groups, and pages. Use a filter to see only groups, click on the join button to join my group. It will take some time for approval as admin will verify all your details. Never use any fake Facebook id for this purpose; it increases the chances of rejection in groups.

Method 2: Earn money with Facebook page

Earn money with Facebook page

Earning through Facebook page is also one of the option to make good bucks. There are two ways to earn either you have your fan page, thus coming up with featured pin post on your page can bring targeted traffic and sales for you. But, in case if you don’t have any fan page, you can approach people who have their fan page and request them to create a pinned post for you on their page for 7 days or 1 month with a small fee.

If they allow, you can create a pinned post with a small investment. It’s a smart way to grab maximum traffic and earn good sales for your affiliate products. For finding fan pages, you can visit

Method 3: How to earn through Facebook targeted members

How to earn through Facebook targeted members

Facebook is the best platform to get a list of the targeted audience. So, how to find a targeted audience on Facebook? Type your niche keyword in the search bar and look for active posts. For instance, if your product is related to weight loss, then type keywords like ‘how to reduce weight’ or ‘lose weight quickly’ and so on. Click on some active posts. So, how will you know whether the post is active or not? If you see some like, comments or shares on a particular post, then it implies that it is an active post. Once, you get a list of active post, pen down the target audience list. People who are showing interest in weight loss post means they want to lose their weight.

Now, you can send 5-10 promotional messages to them with your product link. Continue this process and hope you will get a good conversion rate through this method.

Clickbank update
Clickbank updates

Clickbank has come up with a feature similar to Facebook ‘like’ option. Each of the product will contain a ‘like’ button next to it, and if anyone clicks on that button a hop link related to that post will automatically get posted on Facebook

Need not to mention; then one needs to be logged in to the Clickbank account for this.

If someone clicks on these hop links on Facebook, he or she will be redirected to the merchant site. Hence a chance to earn money if he chose to buy your product.

To wrap it up

As you might have realized now the power of Facebook and how this platform can prove to be a money-making machine for you. Clickbank affiliate marketing Facebook ads could generate more money if you did it correctly. If you start now and gain the required marketing skills, you can become a master in no time. Above are the steps for making your life easy, and these will increase the possibility of fetching the target audience and ultimately, conversion rate.

The Facebook platform can become a game-changer for you if you leverage it to send traffic on your blog posts, instead of spamming your link everywhere.

I hope this tutorial has given you the right direction and showed how to earn money. 

Good luck for this journey!

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